Welcome to my clipbook. Enjoy this assortment of writing samples.

TIME Magazine
News Story: The Wild World of Animal Prostheses

With fake fins and plastic paws, doctors can rebuild injured animals—and also use what they learn to help humans.

Personal Essay: The Beard Brigade

From the red carpet in Hollywood to the paneled offices on Wall Street, facial hair is back in style.

Baruch College
Feature Story: Destination Cuba

To visit Cuba is to experience the dichotomy of a nation caught between two worlds.

Bonei Olam
Brochure: Unraveling Rare Genetic Diseases

How information hidden deep within our genetic code can help create healthy families.

New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

Brochure: The Ear Institute

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai is at the forefront of diagnosis, treatment and research in the field of otology and skull-based disorders.

Department of Otolaryngology

Web Page: Balloon Sinuplasty

Web Page: Inverted Papillomas

Search engine optimized web sites on medical topics.

CHDI Foundation

Newsletter: Enroll!

Stepping into the future of Huntington’s disease research.

Weill Cornell Medical College

Profiles on donors for the Office of Development.

Specialty Report: The First Human Trachea Transplant

Mount Sinai Health System
Feature Story: In the Eye of the Hurricane

Inside Mount Sinai’s extraordinary response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drexel University
Narrative: Camera on the Clouds

The making of America’s most advanced, life-saving new weather satellite.

Feature Story: Sing With Me, Sing for the Years

Can the power of music help people with dementia reconnect with the world around them?

NYU Langone Medical Center
Feature Story: ParentCorps

A family-centered approach based in science helps children thrive.

The New York Times

News Story: Thyroid Drug Shortage Presents Tough Choices for Cancer Patients

Health Guide: A Better Outlook For Cystic Fibrosis

Health and wellness coverage on newsworthy topics in medicine.

Fox Chase Cancer Center
Feature Story: A Maze of Emotions

Navigating the cancer experience: emotions, personal journeys and what really matters.

Summit Medical Group

Press Release: Summit Medical Group and MD Anderson Cancer Center Partner

Tip Guide: How to Prevent Winter Injuries

Informative news briefings and web articles.

Princeton University

Profile: Julienne LaChance: Sharing Accessible Ventilator Plans with the World

Newsletter: Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Student and faculty spotlights highlight innovative research at Princeton.

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